Welcome to Galaxicus!

We are in the Gamma testing phase, this means we are working to shorten the learning curve of Galaxicus.  Its difficult to explain another universe in a four step tutorial.

Please signup for our news letter, join discord and download the game.  All input is welcomed, we will do our best to give you a great game and an awesome community.

The download buttons are below.

While the package is being downloaded here are some of the basics

Click on the Galaxicus war type

Signup for the war then pick launch game

This is the main menu for the game.

Select Assume Command of your ship

There are four region types, for now it is best to create in the Core region.  Pick any of the four imperial bases.

After assuming command of your ship you will be in orbit of a planet.

Examine the highlighted areas describing the buttons and what they do.

Right click or press W (max speed) to leave orbit.

You can turn right and left using the A&D keys

To stop double right click or the S key

Above is a link to Discord, please consider joining us for discussions and examine past questions and answers.

Once you leave orbit move out to a safe distance from the star, once you are safe press the Hyperspace button as indicated in the image

If you hold the middle mouse button and drag ‘down’ you will rotate the camera into a 3D view of the ship and star system.

Some things of note:
1. You have started out in an imperial system, Depending on the war type you can upgrade your ship here and buy items.

2. The bank is located at the imperial base, this is a safe place to keep your taxes

3. The planet rating is displayed with the owner if there is a base.

If you enter hyper space safely, you will see the systems close by.

You want to find your first colony and get the arms factory setup to build some probes, as you explore probes will save you time flying from system to system, more on probing later.

Note: Return to last system is handy in combat.  Jump to hyper launch a missile into the system, then use this button to quicky follow the missile into the system to engage the target!

When you enter a star system, your computers scan the planets and will add the data to your ship’s computer. 

If you are on a team, that data is shared with all the other members.  A team can work together to scout a region very quickly.

As you can see in the image, the colors give a quick visual indication the value of the system

Probes will speed up your scouting while looking for your eight colonies

Each ship can launch up to 10 probes, your scout ship has five probes.  One of your first tasks once you have a colony, build 30-40 probes.

While most star systems contain a planet or two that can be colonized, they are not good enough to propel your empire.  You desire 95+ hab planets with over 70 metal ratings.

If you are starting in the middle of a war, establish some bases and learn the system.  A new war begins every four weeks, examine the dates to determine the next reset night.  Fridays at 9pm EST.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started.. Good Hunting

See you in space!


Galaxicus is best played on a 1600x900 monitor or larger.

The download is ~380mb and takes about 1.4gb on disk


Download the GAMMA Testing 64bit client

Apple Mac

Coming soon


Coming soon

Galaxicus is a new executable, we are waiting for SmartScreen to reconize the program.  Until then you will see the following dialog.

Please help us by downloading and approving the executable.

Thank you